In praise of fact-based journalists. Amen.

Pull the Thread

Throughout this past month, I used a social media platform to focus on worthwhile (to me) stories lost in the news, encouraging readers to dig deeper to find out what was happening, what they were missing, maybe what was real as opposed to what was being presented. You know, to not willingly be gaslighted (gaslit?). Anyhow, here is the summary — and yes, it took me a few days to get started because, well, transparency and facts and reality, so dates don’t match my posts exactly if you are one to cross-reference. Sigh. (Sources listed in overview at the end, because sources matter.)

  1. Trump’s EPA allows for bee-killing insecticide to be sprayed on pollinator crops (mostly food).

This was just one month, and just stories I personally followed. It’s a lot to digest. But it is important. Find sources that are fact-based, with in-depth reporting, and present unbiased interpretations of events. If you are not sure what those are, start by looking at this chart. When you hear or read something that seems crazytown, or just far-fetched (Roger Stone has a Richard Nixon tattoo on his back?), look it up in a trusted source (damn: Roger Stone has a Richard Nixon tattoo on his back.). If people in power are making you frustrated, irritated, uncomfortable — all of it — follow your gut instincts: pull that thread and learn a little more about WHY they are all up in their own back pockets. And once you have some clarity, feel free to call them on it. React with facts — it’s like hold-my-beer, but better and calmer and sustainable and educated. Hello, we all deserve that.

(Sources for stories above: WaPo, New York Times, New Yorker, Business Insider, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, The Independent, Vanity Fair, NPR, PBS, The Hill, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Detroit News, National Park Service, ADL, ACLU, EPA, EPA Ohio, Capital Gazette, FEC, National Women’s Law Center, MSNBC, NBC, LA Times, CBS News, CNBC, FBI Crime Report, CNN, Reuters, Associated Press, Inside Climate News, NOAA, Rolling Stone, Indianapolis Star, Indiana Commission for Higher Education, NY Daily News, Politico, Inside Higher Ed, National Center for Education Statistics, Golf Magazine, Irish Independent, RTE News, Houston Chronicle, National Institute of Justice, Bloomberg News, TCEQ, NASA, Yahoo Sports, Al Otro Lado, CoSIDA, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Wall Street Journal, Fivethirtyeight, Border Angels, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, University of Iowa Intercollegiate Athletics, Big 10 Conference archives, Sen. Sherrod Brown webpage, UAW, Sierra Club, Detroit Free Press, NCAA archives, WNBA, South Carolina Gamecocks athletics, NRDC, Factchecker, Earthjustice, Center for Biological Diversity, Princeton University. And the one that started it all, that keeps me sane, that I go back to every single Monday morning: The Weekly List podcast and list.)

pull that thread, ring that bell, get informed, speak out. (photo credit: wit and wisdom of Charlie Brown, reproduced frequently across the internet; quote by Assata Shakur)



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